Is Your Marketing Team Ready To Go Agile?


There are a number of ways a digital marketer can utilize multiple marketing channels to meet the various business objectives. A key marketing objective is to engage with customers at every digital touch point. With digital era evolving at a fast pace and outpacing the traditional marketing space, the biggest challenge for a time-bound driven marketing team is to adapt to the new digital marketing technologies, meet the ever-changing market demands with required agility and timeliness.

equilibrist-1831016_1280Digital space has enabled us to communicate with click-bait headlines, shorter messages, shorter videos, animated graphics, visuals and photos on our website, blogs, tweets, posts and on multiple marketing channels without having to chase to engage.

Planning a marketing strategy around a goal, creating and implementing a tactical plan for the strategy is what most of us do in the digital marketing world. As we practice these skills, it’s imperative to blow the whistle to tell a team member or a manager that he/she has missed a key deadline. It’s awkward, I know but by not alerting the team the task is on the verge of being delayed which will invariably create a domino effect and risk the project timeline. 

Often business focus changes midway of a particular project that is in progress, but is your team flexible enough to adapt to changes without losing time and money? In most companies marketing projects follow waterfall marketing which is a linear & sequential process flow that includes implementation, monitoring, and refinement. 

To explain in detail, let’s look at a situation where the website needs an overhaul, new marketing collaterals are to be designed, new content pieces are to be written and published, emails are to be send, whitepapers, e-books are to be written, a webinar is to be produced, content is scheduled and posted on social media and more. We start following the waterfall marketing method for each of these tasks that follow a rigid process through its completion but remember your team has only got one shot to get it right the first time and wouldn’t know the outcome until testing or verification stage working towards completion.What if your team doesn’t like the final outcome at this stage? Your team will have to put in series of repetitive work over months to work on a new strategy and to get it right provided you get a second chance to make the change.Bear in mind your team still may not be sure of success rate or failure chances. Like most companies, by this time, your team may engage in dissecting the work done, participating in critics talks, and lament over the project failure!

Can your marketing team ensure flexibility, agility, and success in a Waterfall process, may be ‘yes’ in some instances but mostly ‘nay’, the question still persist – why go Agile? 

Agile marketing lets you alter or tweak the strategy as soon as you want i.e. be ready in few weeks then losing months. It follows a plan and not a process. It allows you to make changes on the fly with every output of the project if results are not as expected, i.e. monitor and make changes in smaller bites. The goal is to be efficient with a quick turnaround. 

Agile marketing is all about speed with incremental improvements on the path to perfection. It provides your team an authority to make decisions, help to remain competitive, be accountable for marketing insights, improve internal communication, able to prioritize, maintain transparency and overall increase team productivity and customer satisfaction.

Here are some interesting case studies of companies adopting Agile Marketing compiled by Jim Ewel.

Also, check this cool video on ‘Demystifying Agile Marketing’ by McKinsey&Company, Marketing & Sales and don’t forget to read a step-by-step guide to Agile marketing written by David Edelman, Jason Heller, and Steven Spittaels for McKinsey&Company

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