Data Driven Marketing Is The New Selling

CUSTOMER DATA IS PRECIOUS! The most important evolution that took place in the marketing landscape is the ability to receive, access, understand and leverage data insights to create one-one personalized marketing strategies.

Customer data can be received from anywhere. Social media, emails, social listening, surveys, customer feedback, content downloads, news subscription and more contribute to data.

You can acquire data from your various marketing initiatives and from your website, however channelizing the data, mapping it to your customer and segmenting it most important.  a lot of information is required before a lead is sales ready, as rightly written by Salesforce its takes at least 6- 8 touch points by marketing before a lead can be ready for the sales call.

Consumers conduct their own independent research on various digital channels. They aren’t always reading the same information and are exposed to various news and posts about your company on various channels, which is why it’s critical to maintain a consistent clear communication and brand message across all digital channels. Consumers may read a post on social media, for example, Twitter, visit your company page on Facebook and /or Linkedin and perhaps visit your website to learn more about you.

At every touch point, we have gathered information, and are aware of how the customers are reacting to the brand. The next step is to map this information with customer’s journey to provide a seamless brand experience. For the most part in the past, companies tried & anticipated customers next move and accordingly positioned themselves in the customer’s path, but with emerging digital technologies, companies are now leading the customer and carving a path for them to be where the company wants them to be!

When does a sales team get to know about a sales opportunity? well, in most companies this happens at the end of the marketing cycle where a lead has been qualified and then marketing moves on while sales take it over to complete the cycle and convert the lead to a sale, however, this process is ineffective and inefficient, can you guess why?

Marketing with help of predictive analysis and data create personalized content.These contents are created in silos without having sales, product teams being involved. When Marketing provides a qualified lead to a sale, the most common complain you would hear from a sale is “they don’t know which content to send, or where to find the content to send to a sales-ready prospect”! Sounds familiar? This has to change, Marketing will have to create a content strategy by liaising and collaborating with different departments and subject matter experts in the company.

As targeted content flows through customer’s journey, marketing acquires loads of data which can be shared to optimize the content strategy. As we move along the path of buyer’s journey match your customer’s voice to your content strategy, personalize it and deliver excellent customer experience, this will eventually lead a customer to convert.

Data-driven marketing is the new selling!

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