Marketing Automation and Agility

Unlike the automation processes you may have seen in manufacturing industries, marketing automation allows you to automate marketing activities that are repetitive by nature providing you with free time without compromising on the quality or authenticity of your marketing content. As a Marketer to get to be more efficient, effective and achieve your goals faster than you would have achieved otherwise. So in other words, Marketing Automation, as some may think, does not take away your job instead it makes you a smart marketer!

What is Marketing Automation?  It is a software with a goal to automate repetitive marketing tasks, actions such as emails, social media posts, webinars and more. Personalized experience one to one conversation on a large scale.

let us take a look at this example – you want to automate your webinar marketing process through a marketing automation tool such as

You are planning to stream a webinar program and you want to automate your webinar marketing process through a marketing automation tool. There are many tools in the market, to name few are Hubspot or Marketo or Pardot. You choose one of automation software that suits your business need. You decide to start your marketing automation process for the webinar program.

Step 1 – your very first step will be to create webinar landing page on your website and you should send an email to your current customers and prospects with the Landing page URL link embedded in the email along with call to action button “Register for the webinar”

Step 2 – Create a personalized ‘thank you email’ to acknowledge receipt of the webinar registration request.

Step 3 – On the day of the webinar, you will send a reminder email few hours prior to webinar time as a quick reminder to join the session.

Step 4 – For Attendees, you will send a personalized email ” thank you for attending’ to all who attended your webinar with a webinar recording link. You would also extend this email with a different message to all who registered but could not attend the webinar and send them the webinar recording link to view.

Step 5 – This is a follow-up step, so one week later, you will send an email with an ebook offer to all your registrants and attendees to keep the conversation on and remain engaged with your audiences. Weeks wait time is to provide enough time for registrants and attendees to view the recording at their leisure.

Step 6 – Each downloader of your ebook is stated to be at the MoFu (Middle of the funnel)  that means its ‘Win’ ready & it’s a buying signal for your company.  The details of the prospect/ customer will be shared with sales for next step approach. This is also called as lead/demand generation process. You could also add in a lead qualifying question, for example –  “Are you exploring solutions to meet your business needs?”If the answer is yes, you then send the prospect to sales, if the answer is no, then the prospect is added to next automated nurturing stage – which will be a repeat of Step 5 & 6 with a different content to offer and nurture. This time it could be a podcast or a survey or an offline event invitation.

Automated nurturing tactics and possibilities are endless, capturing the data at each step to remain engaged with your audience is the most important factor, keep leads moving forward!

The key point here is that all of the above steps 1-6 & repeats can be automated via marketing automation tools, without you having to create or recreate any of the content or email again thus saving your time, and providing consistent communication voice, tone and message. Ensure that you and your marketing team is able to capture the data along the way at each step.

To understand how the marketing automation works, watch this quick demo video on Marketo’s automation platform.

Marketing Automation with agility: As you have seen in the above webinar example that users/audiences behavior differently at each stage, being able to provide a proactive response to each behavior is being agile, which means you should focus on ‘what’ of your marketing campaign rather than on ‘how’ of your campaign.To build a marketing automation agile strategy you will need to create a long-term roadmap, where you would optimize your content based on the data received at each touch point of your leads. Make tactical changes wherever data dictates.

To build a marketing automation agile strategy you will need to create a long-term roadmap where you would optimize your content along the way based on the data received at each touch point of your leads, make tactical changes wherever data dictates and improvise your campaign in real time for optimum results. This is how marketing can evolve. You will need to get by in from all relevant parties within your organization. when creating surveys at a nurture stage, it’s important to ask the right questions and this possible only by continuous contribution from relevant parties such as sales, product developers, software developer, legal, hr, management and other departments.

Here is an interesting podcast presented by Mike Telem of Insightera on Marketing Agile and Automation.

Marketing Agility Podcast


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